Social Work Scholarships

Explore this scholarship directory to find the funding opportunities that are right for your unique situation. If you are just starting your social work program, you can use the sorting tool to search for scholarships by renewability, school, and state. If you have already started your studies, use the minimum GPA function to find scholarships for which you qualify. You can also use the ethnicity and enrollment-level functions to further narrow your search.

Cast your net widely when trying to find scholarships and other funding opportunities for your traditional or online social work program. If you are already employed in the field, consider asking your employer to sponsor your continued education. You should also search for social work scholarships online to find more state and national scholarship opportunities.

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Identify Trends in Social Work Scholarships

Scholarships for social work students are not very common, and those that are available are mostly offered by organizations serving specific states, counties, and sororities. As a result, you may have some difficulty finding dedicated social work scholarships that suit your situation. However, those who intend to work in clinical social work settings will find some social work scholarships that specifically target clinical social work students. Education and counseling are also somewhat popular fields for scholarship funds for social work students.

Social work differs from other disciplines in that scholarships are generally available to all students, regardless of ethnic background or heritage. However, there are a handful of scholarships that are available specifically to African American, American Indian, and Alaskan Native students.

In some states, there are more scholarships for social work students than in others. If you are planning to study social work, search for social work programs in Georgia, Washington, or New York, as these states offer more scholarships than other states.

Key Social Work Scholarships

JCC Association Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Jewish Community Center Association and is intended for students pursuing master’s degrees in social work, business, Jewish studies, or other fields. You must be studying full time at an accredited university in order to receive this $10,000 scholarship. To receive these funds, you must also commit to working in a Jewish community center or related institution for at least two years after you complete your degree.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Fellowship Program

This scholarship, provided by the Council on Social Work Education, is targeted at ethnic minority students who have already received a master’s degree and are interested in pursuing further education in the field. The program seeks to increase the number of ethnic minorities with PhDs in social work education in order to provide more culturally competent services to a broader range of ethnic heritages. The fellowship provides a living stipend as well as the potential for tuition assistance.

Directory of Social Work Scholarships